Outdoor office - where can you go to be at your best

Imagine a place where you are really “at your best”. Where is this? What becomes possible when you are there?

I don’t know how it is for you. Sometimes I find myself distracted and surrounded by things that should be done (instead of the topic that I’m actually working on). Then I go back to something very valuable that I discovered a few years ago.

I discovered that I’m much more creative and concentrated when I’m in my "outdoor office". That’s a place in nature with a beautiful view. When I’m sitting there, thoughts and creative ideas come much more easily than when I’m in my office, chewing on a pencil. 

When I go to my outdoor office, I normally have a topic or a question to work on. I put a blanket, pen and paper, my laptop and tea in my backpack. I go there by foot or by bike which already gives me time to think about the topic.

When I arrive, I’m already in a concentrated mood and I’ve already begun to digest my topic. I arrive and enjoy the beauty of nature around me. Feel the air, listen to birds singing and the wind whispering in the trees. And then I sit down, open my laptop and write down what has already become clear. I think, there are different things that help me to be more focused and to sometimes even experience a real FLOW moment:

  • start with a short physical or mindfulness exercise
  • collect thoughts on the way
  • limit time and dedicate it to one topic at the time

A few years ago, I posted a picture of my outdoor office on Facebook. Somebody commented that it was not a good idea to do that because only very few people have the privilege to live so close to such a beautiful place. And to decide where they want to work.

That’s true. AND Corona times have proven that home office is possible for more people than we would have thought. And if you can’t imagine or you are not allowed to work in an “outdoor office”, maybe you could create something indoor which allows you to be really focused and concentrated: 

  • a different room
  •  favourite drink (coffee, tea, water) 
  • special perfume in the air (or that you put on)
  • a  nice flower
  • another item that reminds you of a special situation (a feather, a stone, a flower)
  • music
  • noise-cancelling headphones

I think it’s not so much about outdoor or indoor. It’s more about thinking

  • where am I “at my best”?
  • what becomes possible when I am “at my best”?
  • what can I do to sometimes work and be in places where I am “at my best”

Hopefully this inspires you to talk to other members of the team or to your boss to allow you experimenting with places where you are “at your best”. Or if you are the leader of a team, try and allow them to work in different places and see what happens! Please share your experiences – I’m curious!