Birgit Kley

Head HR Projects and Initiatives, Siemens AG – Digital Industries

From the first meeting I was fascinated by Julia's positive, warm-hearted, open-minded and encouraging nature. Over many years I have come to appreciate her strength-based and solution-focused approach.


She always looks at what already works, at small steps that can be taken to master a big challenge, at sources of energy and at positive things. No matter in what context Julia has supported me (as a trainer for seminar groups, as a speaker for the Siemens Global Women Network, as a coach for my own development, as a source of inspiration for new approaches or as a companion in professionally very difficult phases), her questions are always valuable food for thought and her way of working is always effective and appreciative.

Dr. Heather Cairns-Lee

Associate Professor IMD Business School

Julia showed us in an excellent workshop how our attitude influences our actions. She showed us simple tools with which we can train our mental focus.


Our BPW Club appreciated both the content and the structure of her workshop. Many thanks, Julia!  



Kurt Wodiczka

Operational Manager Fred Tschanz Hospitality

We held our first management workshop with Julia. It was a very exciting time. We were in the process of connecting our companies more closely with each other.


As it is in a change process, not all managers and department heads were on board yet. There was a lot of uncertainty in the team and Julia helped us to overcome the fear of change and to focus on the positive aspects. As a team we grew together in the workshop. The owners, who were also present at the event, were once again shown the potential of the companies. It was a real atmosphere of departure and motivation for the entire group. Many thanks for the great experience!

Linda Kummer

Managing Director Viva Bewegt Fitness Studio

Julia supported me with an important decision in my life: it was the decision to become self-employed and to take over a business. Already after the first meeting with Julia, I felt safe and motivated to take action. I could make a decision with confidence and a good feeling.


With Julia, I was able to get to the point on topics that had been on my mind for a long time. In two hours, I got more organized and started step by step and full of energy. It did me good to call a spade a spade. I learned how important my attitude is. I am very motivated in the long term, and also after the sessions, I still think a lot about Julia's words. After the sessions I know again what I am capable of, what I have achieved and what I can still achieve. Thank you, Julia, for accompanying me. Your benevolent and motivating, honest and authentic nature convinces and motivates me.

Schifra M. Wittkopp

Strategy Consultant and Speech Coach, Berlin

Your short and entertaining keynote speech at the SOLWorld D-A-CH Conference 2016 in Vienna inspired and captivated me. Many small stories and personal experiences made your lecture so lively that I would have liked to listen to you even longer. You gave us practical and very concrete strategies on how to focus on what works and successes in our everyday lives and thus achieve our goals.


The best lecture at the conference - really great!



Verena Bottlaender

Head of Business Support, Covestro International SA:

We experienced Julia as a very careful trainer/moderator how she co-organized our team trip and embedded it into a sailing activity of the Thunersee sailing school. We appreciate her solution-focused way of looking at things: what is already working well and what are the small steps that can take us further.


We think this "spirit" is definitely necessary in the "rough" business world where you are constantly looking at things that don't work and where optimization is urgently needed. We were impressed by her "bean experiment" which allowed us to both remember the "good moments" of the day and to express our appreciation by "giving each other a bean". We are sure that the beans will conquer the world when Julia shares them with other participants in other trainings.

Johannes Durzok

Head of Application Technology, Messer Schweiz AG

Julia manages to convey the effect of solution-focused thinking and honest appreciation. In active and lively exercises, we learned how to redesign the future with positive mindset and small steps.


With tools and suggestions every seminar participant was encouraged to think about his personal preferred future and to take the first steps on the new path. True to the motto "Solution talk creates solutions, problem talk creates problems." A truly inspiring course that touched me and helped me to change my attitude. In my daily management routine with our sales and engineering team there is already a positive effect.”

Markus Meier

Managing Director and owner of Portmann + Meier AG

During an active ERFA workshop, Julia Kalenberg motivated me to "Effective leadership with appreciation". In the days following the workshop, I introduced a few small details in everyday life and was amazed at their effect.


In our round of project leaders, we direct the view towards our desired future - this helps us to "master the mountains". The annual talks with the team are now on the agenda and I am looking forward to the feedback. After our workshop I have completed and adapted our template for the annual talks. Appreciation in everyday life not only causes joy for the recipient - thank you, Julia!

Beatrice Stuber-Jordi, lic. iur.

Notary & Solicitor (Australia)

I got to know and appreciate Julia Kalenberg during her seminar "How do women sell their product or service". Her solution-oriented working technique has already borne fruit for me at the first meeting. 


With the "elevator pitch" I learned to make my brief presentation shorter and more concise in order to arouse the interest of my counterpart. Almost every day I am happy about how much clearer I now communicate what my fields of activity are. Enchanted by her direct and goal-oriented way of working, I have decided to continue my coaching with Julia Kalenberg for two topics. Creating promotional material concerning my fields of activity and improving my work-life balance. I was able to achieve both goals in just a few sessions. I can recommend Julia Kalenberg without reservation. For further information, please contact me. www.bernernotariat.ch

Priska Belleville

Director Mary Kay Cosmetics

I enjoyed the coaching with you! It showed me the important things in leading people, which also play a central role in Mary Kay. I have become much more relaxed and confident.


It was an advantage for me to start with a new team and new rules. I was much clearer in my ideas after the appointment with you and was able to incorporate them into the team building from the very beginning. Recognition is my strongest tool. It is incredible, how women discover their potential when I tell them again and again that I believe in them, teach them to focus on the positive and recognize them for their small and big successes. In a short time, I have built a strong team that sticks together and succeeds. Many thanks for the valuable coaching.

Kathrin Wyssmann

Wyssmann Treuhand

I got to know Julia Kalenberg through a recommendation. After successfully completing my training, I was at a crossroads. Julia Kalenberg showed me where my strengths lie in a coaching session to help me determine where I should be.


With simple help for everyday life, Julia reawakened my self-confidence and my faith in me. In the meantime, I have dared to take the step to self-employment. This step released a lot of energy and motivation in me. I still carry the stone, which I received from Julia. It gives me strength and helps me in difficult times not to lose sight of my goal. 


Béatrice Landolt

Head of Human Resources, LOEB AG

Ms. Kalenberg has conducted workshops for our sales managers on the topic of "solution-oriented leadership". She inspired the participants with enthusiasm for the topic. The topics could be implemented well in practice.


We greatly appreciated the selective approach and mutual agreement on the next steps to be taken. The feedback from the participants in the workshops was consistently positive. The managers were able to take many ideas and suggestions as well as concrete procedures from these workshops with them, which they are now applying in their daily work. We would like to thank Ms. Kalenberg very much for the positive cooperation. 

Reto Rolli

Managing Director Rolli Optik Köniz and Flamatt

We met Julia Kalenberg during a sales training for the "eyeworkers" purchasing group. In order to bring the positive direction and momentum of her training into the business for all our employees, we decided to conduct an “energy workshop” for the whole team with Ms Kalenberg.


Among other things, we took stock of what has gone well since the training and what we are proud of. This has motivated us a lot and given us the right momentum for the second half of the year. We have already booked the next motivation workshop... 


Christian Carlen

Managing Director Gonis GmbH

In the training sessions, Ms. Kalenberg always relates very closely to the daily practice of the participants. This allows them to easily transfer what they have learned to their professional everyday life and gives them an immediate sense of achievement.


Due to the consistent orientation of the trainings to the needs of the participants, their motivation is very high. With each training we have the security of getting a tailor-made measure for Gonis, a training that fits our situation. With Ms. Kalenberg there is nothing "off the rack".


"Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity." 

Lucius Annaeus Seneca